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Tite Kubo

Jumat, 30 November 2012

Noriaki Kubo, born on June 26, 1977 in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan Better known as Tite Kubo.Karya famous creations is Bleach.
Kubo-sensei started drawing manga in high school. It was in the third year of high school where he originally wrote the first manga, Zombie Powder. He submitted to a Shonen Jump contest but lost due to lack of experience. However, he received a call from one of the magazine's editors, suggesting they were working there together. Zombie Powder finally began publication in 1999 (in the Weekly Shonen Jump) and ran for only 4 tankoubon or graphic novel. It was stopped by the Weekly Shonen Jump due to lack of popularity and an overdose of sexual content.
Shueisha publishes Bleach was originally rejected as it was considered the theme is similar to several series that have previously issued. Kubo-sensei was down, but bounced back after receiving a letter from creator and artist Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball manga hit that gave semangat.dan shortly thereafter, in 2002, Bleach was finally published and began serialization in Shonen Jump.Itu instantly became a hit

If other mangaka career started with an assistant mangaka, Kubo career began when he won the Hop Step th, 1995 with the work of Fire in The Sky. His debut began with Ultra Unholy Hearted Machine in the Summer edition Special.Kubo-sensei likes to play the game, one of his favorite games is Bio Hazard 4.

"There are likely to face Hollow mask inspired in use Slipknot band members who fill Bio Hazard game music. Sensei One favorite band Hachimitsu to Clover manga fans this is Nirvana."Many fans suspect election Masakazu Morita [seiyuu] as Ichigo because sensei never played Final Fantasy X. Sensei-been fond mangaka Yun Kouga was very happy watching, either on TV or the movies. His favorite TV show is Tom And Jerry and sensei is taking the time to watch Chihiro no Kamikakushi Mon to interrupted activities. Mangaka born 26 Juni1977 was very pleased when the Bleach animated. He happily characters speak and move his creation. That until now broadcast on TV Tokyo.Here is his other works.
Short story- Ultra Unholy Hearted Machine- Rune Mater Urara- Bad Shield United
Series- Zombie Powder- Bleach

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