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Masashi Kishimoto

Jumat, 30 November 2012

Born in Okayama prefecture in 1974 as a sister of the 2 twins (brother named Seishi Kishimoto Masashi Kishimoto, who is the mangaka of 666 Satan). Masashi known as one of the mangaka (comic author =) greatest history in just a few years, the comic that well-liked and popular is Naruto. Naruto manga then become one of the most popular and bestseller, read by millions of people around the world.
When Kishimoto-sensei was a kid, the TV show's most favorite one is Doraemon. All my friends like Doraemon and Masashi Kishimoto drew her characters. Kishimoto-sensei is the most perfectionist. He pointed out which part is wrong in the picture his friends and shows how to draw a right.

"If now I think about it, of course I was the son of a bitch!" Said Kishimoto.
Time to move SD, Masashi Kishimoto really like drawing. During school, he crossed out his notebook with a picture, even he kept drawing when he was playing hide and seek with his friends while waiting for the arrest. Kishimoto-sensei favorite anime is Doraemon, until one day he saw the Mobile Suit Gundam, all he is drawing characters from the anime.
After crazy drawing Mobile Suit Gundam, a new anime appear, namely famous manga from Akira Toriyama-sensei: Dr. Slump. Masashi Kishimoto told me about how he does not believe, how can the picture Dr. Slump is very good and he started drawing anime characters. He even participated in a drawing contest Arale-chan using crayons.
Towards graduation SD, Kishimoto so crazy about Dragon Ball, the most famous manga from Akira Toriyama-sensei. Kishimoto-sensei had benyatakan how he was obsessed with Toriyama-sensei, "He was like a god to me, I was always drawing each character to appear in Dragon Ball." And finally Masashi Kishimoto made the decision that he would not regret. He began to think "Manga was incredible" and he wants to be popular manga like Akira Toriyama. Kishimoto made his first work entitled "Hiatari-kun", about a young ninja.
When stepped on SMP, Kishimoto focused on other things besides drawing. Baseball take an important part at that. Menggambarpun hardly anymore because he did not have time. But one day he saw a poster which he said was very good. Figure it turns out is "Akira" by Katsuhiro Ootomo.
Kishimoto began drawing "Akira", and the drawing style changed a lot. But, how banyakpun he tried to imitate, he could not. Impossible to replicate. Effects, design, and every detail of the image is very different from other mangaka. Kishimoto-sensei eventually realize great works are original works, and imitate others' images useless.
Kishimoto tried drawing with its own characteristics, but he still can not. He finally gave up and mengahabiskan all time SMPnya to replicate images Ootomo-sensei.
When he was in class XI, Kishimoto successfully completed its first comic contains 31 pages. He asked my sister. But he could just "Ugly". He did not accept the words and asked again to his father. Apparently the answer is the same father. Kishimoto remain enthusiastic and sends comics to Jump Magazine Award, but failed and comics forever be at the bottom of the pile drafting table.
Kishimoto did not give up and make a lot of comics anymore. But comics are not always good. He wondered why the comic is not great and what makes comics people could be nicer?
Because he spends his time looking for the answer, Kishimoto graduated high school with a rating of 38 out of 39 students. Keaaan awry. Not good at drawing comics, is also not smart in school, and will be what it be? Masashi Kishimoto did not give up and try harder to become a Jump mangaka. If now Kishimoto recall everything, he was not much thought, "Well, all will succeed. Thank goodness because I'm stupid! "
Now Masashi Kishimoto managed to achieve his dream of becoming a famous Mangaka Jump, the comic about ninjas that Naruto be one of the most popular and most sought after around the world. All their efforts were fruitless. Masashi Kishimoto become an example and a real inspiration, and will be one of the greatest in history.

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