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Gosho Aoyama

Sabtu, 01 Desember 2012

Yoshimasa Aoyama Gosho Aoyama, better known was born on June 21, 1993 at Daiei, Tottori, Japan. is a Japanese mangaka nationality. He is most widely known as the creator seial manga Detective Conan (known in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom as Case Closed)

Aoyama of minor genius in drawing. When he was in grade 1 elementary school, he won a race with a picture entitled "War Yukiai". High School (SMA) is a high school Gosho Aoyama Ikuei. After graduation he continued his schooling at the Nihon University College of Art in Tokyo. One thing that affects his career was when he was in college, Aoyama comic contest and win.His work Chotto Mattete, published weekly in Weekly Shonen Magazine in the winter of 1987. Shortly thereafter, Magic Kaito also published in the same magazine.In early 1990 he published a story called Yaiba. Comics 24th volume won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen in 1993. He won the Shogakukan Manga Award again in 2001 with his Detective Conan. He also published works - works such as Third baseman No. 4, story collections - short certia Gosho Aoyama and Detective Conan.On May 5, 2005, he married singer and voice named Minami Takayama who provided the voice in the anime Detective Conan Conan. But they divorced on December 10, 2007.
Wait a Minute (ちょっと まっ て て Chotto Matte) (1987)

This is the story of the first manga Aoyama tells about a boy genius named Yutaka Takai a time machine sends her love for past 2 years.Yaiba (1988-1993)

This is as much as 24 volume manga series about a young samurai named petualanagan Yaiba Kurogane. The series was later adapted into an anime series by 52 episodes.3rd Base 4th (4 番 サード Yonban Sado) (1993)

This is as much as 1 volume manga series that tells of a boy named Shigeo Nagashima a baseball player on his high school team. One day, he bought a magic bat from a sports shop that makes hitting every ball thrown.Magic Kaito (Kaito Majikku まじっく 快 斗) (1988-2007)

This is as much as 4 volume manga series that tells the adventures of Kid thief, a thief who uses magic abilities and disguises in each theft. The first three volumes released in 1988-1994; volume was released on 4th February 2007. Kid thief often appears diDetektif Conan, another manga series Aoyama works.Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories

Various short stories:

Play It Again (プレイ イット アゲイン)
Excalibur (え くす かりば ぁ)
Santa Claus in the summer (夏 の サンタクロース Natsu no Santa Claus)
The detective George's job (Detective George's little little & great operations) (探偵 ジョージ の ミニミニ 大 作戦 Tantei Jooji no minimini daisakusen?)
Wait a Minute
Sunday shōnen 19 (talk) show "The wandering red butterfly" (サンデー 19show さまよえる 赤い 蝶 Shonen Sunday 19 (to me) show samayoeru akai gun?)
Detective Conan (Meitantei Konan 名 探偵 コナン) (1994-present)

It's a manga series that are ongoing which tells about a high school detective who one day turned into a boy by a mysterious organization. When tracking the organization, he often gets a variety of intricate mystery, almost all of which he can solve. This series is the best known work of Aoyama.Tell Me A Lie (~ 私 に ウソ を つい て ~ ~ Watashi ni Uso wo Tsuite) - (2007)

It's a manga that contains only one chapter that tells of a woman named Terumi Arai (新 井 辉 海 Terumi Arai?), Who can read other people's thoughts when he meilhat the eyes.

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