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Types of Sound

Senin, 26 November 2012

Sound can be divided into two essential areas:

:  Generated by things we can see in the picture ('from within the world of the narrative')
Non Diegetic              
: Generated outside the picture ('from outside the world of the narrative') e.g. voice over or music

Diegetic Sound

Diegetic sound begins –but doesn't end– with what you record on location at the same time as you capture images. Locati
on sound is often enhanced with sound effects (used to add or heighten individual sounds for narrative effect e.g. a phone ringing, or an explosion off camera). Ambient Sound(outdoors) or Room Tone(indoors) is layered in for realism (and to hide the moment when a plane zoomed overhead or car doors slammed nearby). Dialogue is an important part of diegetic sound, and depends on vocal delivery. A good actor can vary pitch, tone, volume and accent according to what the director wants on set, but an interviewee will only speak in their natural voice. Dialogue can be enhanced in post production, or even replaced as ADR. Sound motifs (e.g. birdsong) can be added as part of post-production sound design, but may seem to come from within the frame.

Non-Diegetic Sound

Raw footage is usually enhanced through the addition of non-diegetic sound, usually in the form of music or voice over.
Adding music to images is an art form. Music creates mood and atmosphere, often by manipulating the emotions experienced while viewing. Music can be classified as either soundtrack or score.

Previously-recorded music chosen because of its fit to the rhythm, content and mood of a sequence. If a song, the lyrics may add meaning to the images.
Music specifically composed to accompany images. As well as enhancing mood and atmosphere, it can be used thematically - e.g. a character can be represented by a musical theme every time they appear, or the audience can be reminded of a situation every time a musical theme recurs (e.g. the 'shark theme' in JAWS). Music can be discordant or melodic, depending on the desired emotional effect in the viewer.

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