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Rabu, 21 November 2012

Lighting is an essential part of a production program
televise.Tanpa the right lighting, the camera can not
produce images with clear and accurate

Lighting is also a creative part in a television production,
as a result of the image can be captured by the camera according to a specific mood

completely determined work of lighting. Therefore the above, the lighting is part of an art and a science.

Camera and Lighting Work

Electronic camera work is strongly influenced by the lighting system. case
This is consistent with the character of the system of recording images by the camera electronics,
so that issues regarding the lighting is very important role in
an image recording activity.

The light source is distinguished by:

1. The light comes from nature, such as sunlight (natural light / daylight)

2. The light that is created or sourced from the light, the fire (an artificial light / tangten)

The light source itself has the characteristics of light type and intensity
light variety. We ignore this problem, we try to treat a system that is applicable to the work kamera.Seperti basic lighting theory.

In any shooting affected by lighting conditions
No, whatever the conditions but results have also followed the lighting conditions.

But to get the maximum results, we can
follow basic lighting theory applies, although in practice we can develop our creations as you wish, and the results will be achieved.

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