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Tite Kubo

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Noriaki Kubo, born on June 26, 1977 in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan Better known as Tite Kubo.Karya famous creations is Bleach.
Kubo-sensei started drawing manga in high school. It was in the third year of high school where he originally wrote the first manga, Zombie Powder. He submitted to a Shonen Jump contest but lost due to lack of experience. However, he received a call from one of the magazine's editors, suggesting they were working there together. Zombie Powder finally began publication in 1999 (in the Weekly Shonen Jump) and ran for only 4 tankoubon or graphic novel. It was stopped by the Weekly Shonen Jump due to lack of popularity and an overdose of sexual content.
Shueisha publishes Bleach was originally rejected as it was considered the theme is similar to several series that have previously issued. Kubo-sensei was down, but bounced back after receiving a letter from creator and artist Akira Toriyama of Dragon Ball manga hit that gave semangat.dan shortly thereafter, in 2002, Bleach was finally published and began serialization in Shonen Jump.Itu instantly became a hit

If other mangaka career started with an assistant mangaka, Kubo career began when he won the Hop Step th, 1995 with the work of Fire in The Sky. His debut began with Ultra Unholy Hearted Machine in the Summer edition Special.Kubo-sensei likes to play the game, one of his favorite games is Bio Hazard 4.

"There are likely to face Hollow mask inspired in use Slipknot band members who fill Bio Hazard game music. Sensei One favorite band Hachimitsu to Clover manga fans this is Nirvana."Many fans suspect election Masakazu Morita [seiyuu] as Ichigo because sensei never played Final Fantasy X. Sensei-been fond mangaka Yun Kouga was very happy watching, either on TV or the movies. His favorite TV show is Tom And Jerry and sensei is taking the time to watch Chihiro no Kamikakushi Mon to interrupted activities. Mangaka born 26 Juni1977 was very pleased when the Bleach animated. He happily characters speak and move his creation. That until now broadcast on TV Tokyo.Here is his other works.
Short story- Ultra Unholy Hearted Machine- Rune Mater Urara- Bad Shield United
Series- Zombie Powder- Bleach
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Hiro Mashima

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Hiro Mashima is a mangaka who was born in Nagano, Japan on May 3, 1977. He became famous through his work, Groove Adventure Rave or in America known as Rave Master title. The manga is published by Weekly Shonen Magazine, Kodansha from 1999 until graduating in 2005. His fame is increasingly becoming moments later his work was adapted into anime. Unfortunately, the Rave Master anime is not produced until the end.
In 2003, he collected works Oneshootnya into two volumes, which Mashima-en volume 1 and 2. And, one of these is oneshoot Fairy Tail, a short story that became the prototype of the great work now, Fairy Tail.
In 2006, he finally started writing the manga, Fairy Tail, manga is still continuing. Fairy Tail is published weekly by the Weekly Shonen Magazine, Kodansha and later adapted into anime and began airing on TV Tokyo since October 2009. In this year, he created a Oneshoot titled Monster Soul.
In 2008, the father of one daughter was a guest star the show San Diego Comic-Con, and said that many of his works inspired by Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball manga and Hayao Miyazaki, a mangaka who is also an Anime Derector, Animator, Screenwriter, and Storyboard artist.
List of Work Hiro Mashima
Rave Master (1998-2005)Plue's Dog Diaries (2002-2007)Mashima-en volumes 1 and 2 (2003)Volume 1:- Magician- Fairy Tail- Cocona- Plue's Adventures Pt. IIVolume 2:- Bad Boys Song- Magical Party- Xmas Hearts- Fighting Group MixtureMonster Soul (2005-2007)Fairy Tail (2006-present)Monster Hunter Orage (2008-2009)Chameleon (2008, a work by Atsushi Kase onehoot, created to celebrate the anniversary of the 50th Kodansha)Nishikaze to Taiyou (2010)Sangokushi Taisen (Illustrator Card)Respect Gundam (Come to contribute)
Hiro Mashima often naming the names of the main characters in the manga homemade with the names of the season.In the manga Rave Master, the main character named Haru, which in Japanese means Haru SpringIn the manga Fairy Tail, Natsu is the main character, which in Japanese means summerIn Soul monster, the name of the main character is Aki means autumnAnd in Monster Hunter Orage, the name of the main character is Shiki which means four seasons
Former Assistant
These are people who had been Assistant Hiro Mashima:- Miki Yoshikawa (mangaka Yankee-kun and Megane-chan)- Shin Mikuni (mangaka Spray King)
Hiro Mashima himself never became any astiten mangaka.
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Eiichiro Oda

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Eiichiro Oda is a mangaka born January 1, 1975 in Kumamoto prefecture, Eiichiro Oda While small, Eiichiro Oda always dreamed of as a pirate and wants to be a mangaka. At the age of 17, Eiichiro Oda sends his work entitled Wanted and won numerous awards. At the age of 19 years, Eiichiro Oda was assistant to Nobuhiro Watsuki Rurouni Kenshin in progress. Along with that, Eiichiro Oda drew Romance Dawn which is the beginning chapter of One Piece. In 1997, One Piece was first published in Shonen Jump magazine, and became one of the most popular manga in Japan. One Piece Manga Manga is also being No. 1 in the world not just in Japan. At age 17, he submitted his work Wanted! and won several awards. There are unique events behind the making of Wanted!, Which is 3 days before the deadline for submission of manuscripts, Eiichiro Oda had a car accident! That's ridiculous, the way to the hospital, the first thing that occurred to him was that day that he had to return the borrowed video tapes. Doctors decided that Eiichiro Oda had hospitalized one day. And while in hospital that he struggled completing Wanted! backgrounds western world. In this work, using the pen name Eiichiro Oda Getsuk Sui Moku Kin Do ka (Moon Fire Water Wood Gold Earth), which can also be read Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday. (In Japan, the Moon Fire Water and Soil Wood Gold is used as the name of the day). A year later, his first as a professional mangaka titled We Mirai Kara No Present (Gift From the Future Provision of the Gods) that was published in the magazine Jump Original October 1993 issue. According to Eiichiro Oda work was possible because he had long wanted to create a manga with the theme of fate and draw the scene of destruction. However, the emphasis again that does not mean he wants to destroy himself, although he admitted that he regretted having to leave her part-time job. In the same year, Eiichiro Oda also earned Gold honors in the event Hoop Step Award (a talent search contest held every month Weekly Jump, now his name changed to Tenkai Icchi Manga Awards) for his work entitled Ikki Yako (A Devil's Night Journey). "According to Oda in an interview for Shonen Jump, his favorite villain in One Piece is Buggy the Clown" and a real favorite is the pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach). Was married to Chiaki Inaba, who had played Nami during Jump Festa One Piece stage pertunjukan.Dia One Piece series was originally planned for five years, and have already planned out the ending. But the story continues far short of expectations, and its popularity has swelled to enormous proportions. (When asked about her feelings for Akira Toriyama) He was like a god to me, of course. He was in a different dimension. More than anything else, with the drawing skills are too good to be true! When I was a kid, I drew for fun and received praise for the file. I became redundant with the conviction and stated that I would be a manga artist. At that moment, I wanted to be the best at drawing pictures. I believe that the most interesting is the people who create the best manga.
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Masashi Kishimoto

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Born in Okayama prefecture in 1974 as a sister of the 2 twins (brother named Seishi Kishimoto Masashi Kishimoto, who is the mangaka of 666 Satan). Masashi known as one of the mangaka (comic author =) greatest history in just a few years, the comic that well-liked and popular is Naruto. Naruto manga then become one of the most popular and bestseller, read by millions of people around the world.
When Kishimoto-sensei was a kid, the TV show's most favorite one is Doraemon. All my friends like Doraemon and Masashi Kishimoto drew her characters. Kishimoto-sensei is the most perfectionist. He pointed out which part is wrong in the picture his friends and shows how to draw a right.

"If now I think about it, of course I was the son of a bitch!" Said Kishimoto.
Time to move SD, Masashi Kishimoto really like drawing. During school, he crossed out his notebook with a picture, even he kept drawing when he was playing hide and seek with his friends while waiting for the arrest. Kishimoto-sensei favorite anime is Doraemon, until one day he saw the Mobile Suit Gundam, all he is drawing characters from the anime.
After crazy drawing Mobile Suit Gundam, a new anime appear, namely famous manga from Akira Toriyama-sensei: Dr. Slump. Masashi Kishimoto told me about how he does not believe, how can the picture Dr. Slump is very good and he started drawing anime characters. He even participated in a drawing contest Arale-chan using crayons.
Towards graduation SD, Kishimoto so crazy about Dragon Ball, the most famous manga from Akira Toriyama-sensei. Kishimoto-sensei had benyatakan how he was obsessed with Toriyama-sensei, "He was like a god to me, I was always drawing each character to appear in Dragon Ball." And finally Masashi Kishimoto made the decision that he would not regret. He began to think "Manga was incredible" and he wants to be popular manga like Akira Toriyama. Kishimoto made his first work entitled "Hiatari-kun", about a young ninja.
When stepped on SMP, Kishimoto focused on other things besides drawing. Baseball take an important part at that. Menggambarpun hardly anymore because he did not have time. But one day he saw a poster which he said was very good. Figure it turns out is "Akira" by Katsuhiro Ootomo.
Kishimoto began drawing "Akira", and the drawing style changed a lot. But, how banyakpun he tried to imitate, he could not. Impossible to replicate. Effects, design, and every detail of the image is very different from other mangaka. Kishimoto-sensei eventually realize great works are original works, and imitate others' images useless.
Kishimoto tried drawing with its own characteristics, but he still can not. He finally gave up and mengahabiskan all time SMPnya to replicate images Ootomo-sensei.
When he was in class XI, Kishimoto successfully completed its first comic contains 31 pages. He asked my sister. But he could just "Ugly". He did not accept the words and asked again to his father. Apparently the answer is the same father. Kishimoto remain enthusiastic and sends comics to Jump Magazine Award, but failed and comics forever be at the bottom of the pile drafting table.
Kishimoto did not give up and make a lot of comics anymore. But comics are not always good. He wondered why the comic is not great and what makes comics people could be nicer?
Because he spends his time looking for the answer, Kishimoto graduated high school with a rating of 38 out of 39 students. Keaaan awry. Not good at drawing comics, is also not smart in school, and will be what it be? Masashi Kishimoto did not give up and try harder to become a Jump mangaka. If now Kishimoto recall everything, he was not much thought, "Well, all will succeed. Thank goodness because I'm stupid! "
Now Masashi Kishimoto managed to achieve his dream of becoming a famous Mangaka Jump, the comic about ninjas that Naruto be one of the most popular and most sought after around the world. All their efforts were fruitless. Masashi Kishimoto become an example and a real inspiration, and will be one of the greatest in history.
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Download Games IGI 2: Covert Strike - Indowebster

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Game IGI 2: Covert Strike - Indowebster - This game is a continuation of the Projet IGI: I'm Going On ... arcade-type game First Person Shooter and fun to play because it has a challenging mission ... the story in this game begins when one is betrayed by his superior intelligence ... and of course, IGI 2: Covert Strike is much better picture quality than the Project IGI IGO

Minimum System requirements:

     700 Mhz Processor
     128 MB of RAM
     32 MB Video Card


     Download All Parts And Extract
     Open the folder Extract results
     Install the game
     The game play and Enjoy

Screen Shoot :

Download Games IGI 2: Covert Strike - Indowebster

Pass : www.isalgames.com

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