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Attractions / Purpose Light Setup

Rabu, 21 November 2012
Lighting have 6 (six) of important basic lighting, namely:

1. Illuminating,

Which illuminates the object and subject-related needs
electronic camera work system called light or light base foundation.

2. Creating a 3-D (three-dimensional) perspective

 Because the screen is a 2-D material (two-dimensional), the depth can be generated by processing the camera angle, camera blocking, set design, and the use of light-related tat texture, shape (some form), form (shape).

3. Guiding the audience's attention

The light mengharahkan the audience's attention to the important elements of a scine.

4. Create the mood of a adengan (essential mood).

As it was dark for a dramatic mystery condition, bright atmosphere in conditions of happiness or joy.

5. Explaining time,

That morning - redness, during the day - bright / sunny, late afternoon / early evening - reddish violet.

6. Mengkotribusikan aesthetic aspects in pengkomposisian,

For example, someone walked out of the shadows passing under a bright light and then headed into the dark again.

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