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Understanding Doomsday

Rabu, 21 November 2012

The end is also called the Day of Judgment, that the day of resurrection. On the day of the resurrection of the dead all men resurrected to give an account of all his deeds during life on earth.At the end of the day, all beings in this world will be destroyed, shattered sky, mountains erupt, oceans overflowed, and the earth, spewing everything in it.Doomsday is divided into two kinds:1. Doomsday doomsday Sughra is small, such as the occurrence of death, occurrence of disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc..- Word of Allah:Meaning:"Everything was definitely broken, but its substance (God)."(Surah Al-Qashas/28: 88)- In other words Allah mentioned:Meaning:"Every animate (definitely) would have died."(Surah Al 'Imran: 185)2. Doomsday kubra is great apocalypse, when the destruction of the universe and everything in it.- Word of Allah:
Meaning:"When the earth is shaken with the shock (which is awesome) and the earth has issued heavy loads (they contain and the man asked:" Why on earth (so so)? "(Surat al-Zalzalah: 1-3) Allah's Word:
Meaning:"When the earth is shaken fierce fierce and mountains destroyed sehancur-destruction then so be it flying debris." (Surat al-Waqi'ah: 4-6)
In addition to the final day of the term (Al Yaum Al Final), the Qur'an also use the terms or other names, each name indicates the events, circumstances or atmosphere that will be experienced by human beings in the process towards the eternal life. The names are:1. Yaumul Qiyamah / Doomsday (Az Zumar 39:60).2. Yaumul Ba'ats / Day of Resurrection (Ar Rum 30:56).3. Yaumul Reckoning / Day of Reckoning (Al Mukmin 40:67).4. Yaumul Din / Judgment Day (Al-Fatihah 1:3).5. Yaumul Fath / Victory Day (As Sajadah 32:29).6. Yaumul Talaq / Day Meeting (Al Mukmin 40:15-16).7. Yaumul Jami '/ Day gathered (At Taghabun 64:9).8. Yaumul Taghabun / Day ditampakkannya errors (At Taghabun 64:9).9. Yaumul Khulud / Day Eternity (Qaf 50:34).10. Yaumul Khuruj / Day Out (Qaf 50:42).11. Yaumul Hasrah / Day of Regret (Maryam 19:39).12. Yaumul Tanad / day Call Call (Al Mukmin 40:32).13. Yaumul Fash / Day of Decision (An Naba '78:17).14. As Hour / Time (Al Qamar 34:1).15. Al Akhirah / Hereafter (Al A'la 87:16-17).16. Al Azifah / Events Near (An-Najm 53:57).17. At Tammah / Mala Major Disaster (An Nazi'at 79:34).18. As Sakhah / trumpet blast of a second (Abasa 80:33).19. Al Ghassiyah / Genesis Menyelubung (Al Ghassiyah 88:1).20. Al Waqi'ah / Events Strikes (Al waqi'ah 56:1).21. And others.

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