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History of Jazz Music

Kamis, 08 November 2012
Jazz is the kind of music that grew out of the merger of blues, ragtime, and European music, particularly band music. Several subgenres are Dixieland jazz, swing, bebop, hard bop, cool jazz, free jazz, jazz fusion, smooth jazz, and CafJazz. Jazz is a genre of music that originated in the United States early in the 20th century with the roots of African music and jazz Eropa.Musik much use of guitar, trombone, piano, trumpet, and saxophone. One important element in jazz is syncopation.
What is interesting is that the origin of the word "jazz" was derived from a vulgar term used for sexual acts. Most of rhythms in jazz ever associated with the brothels and the women with an unfortunate reputation. In a way then, eventually became an art form of jazz music, both in composition and improvisation, which reflected the spontaneous melodies. Jazz musicians often express feelings that can not easily be explained, because this music should be felt in the heart. "If you ask, you'll never know" according to Louis Armstrong.

Jazz music was born in the United States alone in 1868. It was written by the researcher in the history of jazz and agreed upon by all parties. Although jazz was born in the United States, but is now no longer confined to jazz Americans, but has become a color music owned by the whole world.
Initially, jazz was born with a basic Blues. Then in around 1987 began to be known bentukRag Time, which at the time was in the form of piano playing in bars. Blues and Boogie Rag Time evolved into - Woogie. The forms are in addition to reaching the track itself, it is also evolving musical journey tracing jazz.
The researchers suggested the music, the jazz form that can be considered as an early form that develops over time to shape the current jazz, is a form of jazz that are around the year 1915 to 1917. At that time, the Negro in New Orleans playing jazz with a distinctive style, also known as the New Orleans jazz.
New Orleans jazz musicians, presenting their performances in bars, gambling houses and even places of prostitution in those very thriving in New Orleans. Because they reduce public attention to the government and a lot of the crime, then in 1917 entertainment in almost all New Orleans closed. Jazz music and evolved out of the city of New Orleans.
Jazz musicians from New Orleans began to bring jazz music down the river Mississippi, continues to the north to arrive in Detroit. In the 1920's jazz music has grown in New York, Cichago, Memphis and major cities in the United States.

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