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BUILDING COMMITMENT in entrepreneurship

Jumat, 23 November 2012
1. Explain commitment
According to the dictionary of the Indonesian language, the commitment is an agreement (attachment) to do sesuatu.Berdasarkan that sense can be defined that commitment is an attachment to self-entrepreneurship and a strong desire to build, promote, and maintain its presence in any situation.there are 2 (two) major factors that make people can not sustain the commitment he had made earlier, namely:1. Internal (self)such as:· Sloppy time to make a decision, so that the regret in the future.· Less thinking when analyzing the risks that will be faced when he took the decision.· Confidence faltered because a person is not mentally strong.2. External (outside yourself)
such as:· Environment.
Often due to environmental influences, a person fails to maintain its commitment. These include the role of family, spouse, or friend / friend.· Lifestyle incorrect.
Changing times, in addition to the positive impact, also sometimes have negative impacts on a person.· Influence of money.
Inevitably, money has a big power in this life. If a person is not mentally strong, someone made the commitment to run aground in the middle of the road.· Not withstanding the ups and downs of life.
Some people may be affected due to the life she lived, so she gave up on life.

To build the necessary commitment in entrepreneurship personal power every entrepreneur, for example:1. patience and fortitude2. hard desire to move forward3. strong confidence to go forward4. tenacity and perseverance5. creative thinking and constructive6. mental and physical endurance7. accountability and integrity.
2. HIGH IMPORTANCE OF COMMITMENT IN BERIWAUSAHAWithout efforts were full and commitment to the work that they do it as good as any entrepreneur would definitely come to a failure in business. It is therefore important for an entrepreneur to commit to the effort and work.The importance of a high commitment to entrepreneurship are:1. Can get maximum results with minimal resources2. Can use resources efficiently3. Implement and improve and promote the company4. Increasing success in entrepreneurship5. Increase the sense of trust6. Boosting morale ethics for private entrepreneurs and employeesan entrepreneur who has a strong commitment within the business is expected to:· Never give up on the situation and circumstances· Having a passion and reliability to every challenge· Have patience and fortitude in trying· Always work, struggle and sacrifice
The factors - factors that indicate a person committed to his work is as follows:1. Having a high Dedication2. Loves her job
With a love of work, all that will not be a burden.3. Always holds promise
With the promise it may hold an entrepreneur will get kepercaayan from colleagues, customers or from kariyawan4. Quality oriented work results
By keeping the quality of the course work colleagues and customers will be satisfied and loyal.5. Self-control
An entrepreneur must be able to restrain themselves even in a state facing criticism, insults, pressure, reprimands, complaints, and protest so as to look for creative solutions of any problems that arise.6. Diligent and tenacious in working7. Confidence and self-discipline
With discipline an entrepreneur will have a regular pattern of work and be able to manage your time well.
4. TYPE - TYPE OF COMMITMENT in entrepreneurship
1.Komitmen self
Commitment to yourself only between the following:
a. The commitment to make dreams - dreams
b. Commitment to escape poverty
c. Commitment to live better
d. Commitment to advanced, prosperous life, and rich2. Commitment to family (family commitment)3. Commitment to the vision of the business (bussiness commitment)4. Commitment to those who believe (trust bulding commitment)5. Commitment to the customer (commitment to customers)6. Commitment to the environment (environment commitment)7. Commitment to social aspects (social commitment)
nyasebagai following example:
a. Participatory hygiene
b. Supporting community programs8. Commitment to business ethics (business ethic commitment)

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