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Hiro Mashima

Jumat, 30 November 2012

Hiro Mashima is a mangaka who was born in Nagano, Japan on May 3, 1977. He became famous through his work, Groove Adventure Rave or in America known as Rave Master title. The manga is published by Weekly Shonen Magazine, Kodansha from 1999 until graduating in 2005. His fame is increasingly becoming moments later his work was adapted into anime. Unfortunately, the Rave Master anime is not produced until the end.
In 2003, he collected works Oneshootnya into two volumes, which Mashima-en volume 1 and 2. And, one of these is oneshoot Fairy Tail, a short story that became the prototype of the great work now, Fairy Tail.
In 2006, he finally started writing the manga, Fairy Tail, manga is still continuing. Fairy Tail is published weekly by the Weekly Shonen Magazine, Kodansha and later adapted into anime and began airing on TV Tokyo since October 2009. In this year, he created a Oneshoot titled Monster Soul.
In 2008, the father of one daughter was a guest star the show San Diego Comic-Con, and said that many of his works inspired by Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball manga and Hayao Miyazaki, a mangaka who is also an Anime Derector, Animator, Screenwriter, and Storyboard artist.
List of Work Hiro Mashima
Rave Master (1998-2005)Plue's Dog Diaries (2002-2007)Mashima-en volumes 1 and 2 (2003)Volume 1:- Magician- Fairy Tail- Cocona- Plue's Adventures Pt. IIVolume 2:- Bad Boys Song- Magical Party- Xmas Hearts- Fighting Group MixtureMonster Soul (2005-2007)Fairy Tail (2006-present)Monster Hunter Orage (2008-2009)Chameleon (2008, a work by Atsushi Kase onehoot, created to celebrate the anniversary of the 50th Kodansha)Nishikaze to Taiyou (2010)Sangokushi Taisen (Illustrator Card)Respect Gundam (Come to contribute)
Hiro Mashima often naming the names of the main characters in the manga homemade with the names of the season.In the manga Rave Master, the main character named Haru, which in Japanese means Haru SpringIn the manga Fairy Tail, Natsu is the main character, which in Japanese means summerIn Soul monster, the name of the main character is Aki means autumnAnd in Monster Hunter Orage, the name of the main character is Shiki which means four seasons
Former Assistant
These are people who had been Assistant Hiro Mashima:- Miki Yoshikawa (mangaka Yankee-kun and Megane-chan)- Shin Mikuni (mangaka Spray King)
Hiro Mashima himself never became any astiten mangaka.

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