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Drum Musical History

Kamis, 08 November 2012

History of drums began with the emergence of human civilization. drum beats have been linked to human birth. drum is one of the musical instruments used in the du hutan.juga called membranophone, means an instrument that makes sound and impressive prolonged membrane with some type of object, usually a curved stick.

Drums consist of a hollowed out piece (called the body), which extends to the end of the drum, and tuning keys or pegs which stiffens or loosens the membrane to achieve different tones. Which produces a rich sound when we play the drums is when we hit the drum membrane.
Here's the history of drums, drum instruments already exist in approximately 6000 BC. Mesopotamian excavations discovered small cylindrical drum dated 3000 BC. Inside caves in Peru, there are a few paintings on the walls were found, signs indicating the use of drums in various aspects of community life. Indians love using pumpkin and wood to make a drum alt and used for ritual ceremonies. Drums are not always used for creating music. But it is also used to communicate
African tribal cultures (also in the culture). The people of different African tribes relied on the use of drums to express themselves and convey an important message through a series of drum beats throughout the forest.
When it is found in history that one drummer can play two or more drums at the same time, people started placing groups of drums together for one musician to play. Drummers drumming not only of the same type but also from other cultures and around the world. The early 1930s found a new trick. The musicians find the right placement on the drum by doing banyka practice, one player could handle a set of drums, and the entire group of drum players was not necessary anymore.
Double drumming is one drummer playing more than one drum. Cymbals and tom toms, which originated in China has been added to the drum kit from a quick drum to accommodate different set of drums. Cowbells, wood blocks, and chimes with extra beats. In the flow of history drums, drum kits in the 1930s have been made with various forms of the instrument in the armory. Drum Kit consisting of one foot and pedal bass drum, snare, hi hat cymbal, tom toms, and large hanging cymbals.
The 1960s saw the rise of rock drummers, who began the development of a standard drum kit at the time. Additional toms and cymbals, as well as the accumulation of another bass drum to boost speed were added. Then came the electronic drums that can produce a variety of sounds. Drums and musical instruments in use today.

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