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Glossary terms in shooting

Kamis, 08 November 2012

Image size is normally associated with taking the pictures, the emotions, situations and objects Events. There is an assortment of terms, among others:

· Extreme Close Up (ECU / XCU): capture highly detailed images that look like a player or a lip or nose tip of the heel of the shoe.

· Big Close Up (BCU): taking pictures of the extent of the head to the chin.

· Close Up (CU): images taken from close range, only a portion of the object that looks like a face only a pair of legs only, or new shoes

· Medium Close Up: (MCU) is similar to MS, if the person and the object is taken from the chest up.

· Medium Shot (MS): retrieval from medium distance, if the object is visible only half the body alone (from the belly / waist up).

· Knee Shot (KS): object shooting from head to knees.

· Full Shot (FS): object shooting in full from head to toe.

· Long Shot (LS): decision overall. Image taken from a distance, the whole object exposed to background objects.

· Medium Long Shot (MLS): images taken from a reasonable distance, so if for example there are 3 objects then all will be visible. If the object is a person then looks from head to knees.

· Extreme Long Shot (XLS): images taken from very far away, you'll enjoy is not an object anymore but his background. Thus it can be seen the position of the object to its environment.

· One Shot (1S): Taking pictures of the objects.

· Two Shot (2S): shooting two people.

· Three Shot (3S): shooting three people.

· Group Shot (GS): a group of people taking pictures.

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