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Recycling Biogeochemistry

Rabu, 21 November 2012
Definition and Function Cycle Biogeochemistry

Biogeochemistry is the exchange or flux, between the living components of the biosphere with no life.

In an ecosystem, matter at each trophic level is not lost. The material in the form of constituent elements of the organic material is recyclable. These elements into the biotic components by air, land, and water. Recycling these materials involves living creatures and rocks (geophysical) so-called cycle of Biogeochemistry.

Biogeochemistry cycle function is as a material cycle that returns all the chemical elements that have been used by all the components of the earth both biotic and abiotic components, so that the continuity of life on earth can be maintained.

Types of Recycling Biogeochemistry

  •      Nitrogen cycle
  •      Recycling Carbon and Oxygen
  •      Water Recycling
  •      Sulfur cycle
  •      Phosphorus cycle

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