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Signs of the Last Day

Rabu, 21 November 2012

Certainty of the Day of Resurrection Allah only knows. As His words: "Verily the Hour is coming, I keep (time) so that every soul is rewarded for that which he seeks." (Surah Taha: 15). Thus, no one knows when doomsday will come. Allah only gave signs of the coming apocalypse.
Based hadeeth the Prophet, doomsday signs as follows:
1. Shugra signs (small), some of which are already visible in this present life:

Islamic teachings less attention and even abandoned by the Muslims.
The number of ulama (religious scholars) are actually the less, otherwise a lot of people who claim to be ignorant clerics and misleading the people.
Adultery conducted openly and has become a habit in the wider community.
Similarly, drinking a lot do not act like that are forbidden.
The number of women getting more than men, and they're not ashamed anymore dressed half naked.
Many women who dress / look like a man, and vice versa.
Mankind is a race to accumulate wealth in a way that is not kosher, and the rampant practice of usury.
The parents of a slave and abused by their children.
The more slander that befell Muslims.
The more frequent natural disasters, murder, and war.
The number of divorces.
Extravagance in building the mosque while worshipers bit, and each boasts a beautiful mosque.
2. Kubra signs (large)

Time spinning faster and faster, so it feels a month a year, a month was a week.
The sun rises in the west.
The exit of the Antichrist, that figure yan g liar covering up the truth.
The existence of Gog and Magog, which is a class of human beings who have great power and misguided thinking.
The fall Imam Mahdi to the world to straighten Islamic shariah and sunnah turn-Sunnah of the Prophet.
The decrease Prophet Isa. from the sky that will fight for the truth with Imam Mahdi. It was he who crushed the Antichrist and invite humanity Oneness of Allah Almighty and His menyambah.
The loss of Al Quran from san mashaf hearts of human beings to disappear guidelines.
Small Signs of the Day of Judgement in general come first signs of major, and in part already happened. If the signs appear to have emerged one, it will be followed by other signs, which is the first to appear is the rising of the sun from the west. Thus, we as humans should prepare to the best of obedience and piety to Allah Almighty, because after all signs of the coming apocalypse has been much smaller place and it all as a warning so that people are aware and repent.

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