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Characteristics of Entrepreneurship

Jumat, 23 November 2012
In a study conducted by prof. Faith S Sukardi, she found there are nine (9) characteristics of entrepreneurial behavior are most commonly found in studies on successful entrepreneurs in the worldCharacters include:1. Instrumental propertiesHe's in a variety of situations always take advantage of everything that exists in the environment in order to achieve personal goals in business.2. The nature prestatifHe's in a variety of situations always look better, more effective than the results previously achieved.3. Dexterity nature of MinglingHe's always trying to quickly adjust to the various situations of human relationships. He actively socialize, develop acquaintances and looking for new acquaintances, and trying to be involved primarily to those encountered in daily activities.4. Nature of Hard WorkHe was always involved in the work situation, do not give up before the job is completed. He put the work and time that is filled with real action to achieve goals.5. Nature of Self ConfidenceHe was always self-assured, no hesitation in acting, and even tend to involve themselves directly in a variety of situations with optimism to succeed.6. Nature of Risk TakingHe always takes into account the successes and failures in any particular activity to achieve his desire. He will step up when the possibility of failure is not too big.7. Nature of Self-ControlHe is to face the situation always refers to personal strengths and weaknesses and limits of know-how. He was always aware of the existence of self-control, then each activity to be more focused in achieving its goals.8. Nature of InnovativeHe always approached problems with trying to use new ways more useful. He is open to ideas, views, and new discoveries that can be used to improve performance. He is not fixated on the past, but always looking forward to new ways or improve the ways that other people do to increase performance. He tends to do things the way typical, unique from the thoughts. Included in the innovative nature of this is the tendency to imitate but always with a certain refinement (imitative innovative).9. Nature of Self-RelianceHe always returns his actions as a personal responsibility. The success and failure is a consequence of personal entrepreneurship. He was concerned with the autonomy to act, decision making and selection of various activities within achieve the goal. He preferred to work alone, determine and select appropriate ways of working with him. Dependence on others is something contrary to his conscience. He can work in groups during the freedom to act and make decisions.Nine characteristics of entrepreneurial above was found to be present in entrepreneurs around the world which is the object of research.

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