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Rabu, 21 November 2012
Hard light

Called the harsh light generated from the light source with high intensity, light is more spot. Produces high contrast and harsh shadows (dark - bright).

Soft Light

Also called a soft light as generated from the light source with
lembih low-intensity light and transmitting light and fluffy terpendar
usually emitted light is accompanied by a flood and filter
or smoothing element pemendaran cahaya.Kontras produced thinner
so that the image produced is not too hard.

Light by lighting the basic concepts can be distinguished:

Natural Light

Natural light sources of light in a frame or scene adengan and sourced from the light that is natural. For example, the morning light from the east (key). Then the shot-shot scene is key lightnya preformance from the same direction.

Pictorial Light / Light arificial

The light that is artistic or creation., Formed according to the needs of artisti, mood a scene or scene. So the direction of the light source (key) can vary according to the needs of artistic images or mood of the scene.

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