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The pattern of attack and defense patterns in soccer

Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

A. Assault PatternThe main objective of the game of football is to enter the ball into the opposing goal. Technique with a high game of good ball control, cooperation neatly interwoven,high morale, excellent durability and good luck factor makes a team can win the game. All usahatersebut aims to produce a good game so that they can score goals. The possibility of scoring can be scored if it can do a good attack pattern.Attacks aimed untukmemasukkan ball into the opposing goal as much as possible. The pattern of attack can be executed by a squad when they were controlling the game on the field. The sharp attack can determine the success of these teams, both individually and team collaboration. In addition, the required dalammeyususn attack pattern is as follows:
1) The player who served as a playmaker.2) The player who served as maid of attack.3) The player who served as the primary shooter to score (a goal getter).4) The player who served as anglers opposed to last, that one friend timdapat barged into the opponent.So that the opponent under pressure, then the pattern of attacks that use should be made with a combination of various attacks. In addition, the attacker must find darilawan weakest points. Polapenyerangan in the game of football that is often used is as follows:1) Pattern tersususn movement.2) The pattern of playing against strong defensive wall.3) The pattern search space.To be able to pattern a good offense and can result in a goal, then there needs to be coordination between players perlini, good back, middle or front. Due to the success of a team in winning a pertandinagn was successful with all the players and not the success of individual players.B. Patterns of DefenseDefense aims to seize the ball and defend the territory, so there is no goal. Defense can be executed while it is under pressure from the opponent (pressing). Based on how you do it, the defense can be distinguished:1) The pattern of defense with "Man to Man"Man to man means to survive one on one is done in areas of defense. Each player yangmasuk stricken. Denganketat heavily guarded wherever he should move in the area that should be preserved. If the striker out of the maintenance of the area, then keep not his job anymore. However, the guards must always be ready and alert to the possibility of other players that the maintenance of the stricken area. Defense patterns can be applied if the players have the physical techniques and a good and excellent.2) The pattern of the defense area (Zone Marking)Marking Pattern Zone defense is last in aderahnya own way formation. Principles of zone defense marking is as follows:a) It takes teamwork.b) Can hold back the strikers.c) Securing the defense of the pressure the opponent's attack.d) The pattern must be layered defense so difficult to penetrate the opponent attackerse) Pattern formation yangkokoh should attack.f) Defense should encourage players to return stricken opponent himself.3) A combination defensive pattern "Man to Man & Zone Marking"The pattern of this defense is the most complex pattern of defense. This means that each player keeping his opponent and with a sudden move left to his duties tempat.kemudian yanglebih close. This defense will work well if there is no coordination between the player and the player responsibilities will perlini respective regions.

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