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History of Pop Music in the World

Senin, 22 Oktober 2012


Pop music or popular music is the name for streams music heard by a wider audience and mostly commercial.
Pop music was first developed in the United States in 1920 where the recording was first made by Thomas Edison's invention.
Ragtime in the United States since 1890. Ragtime music or chopped-Pig, is American music influenced by ethnic African-American and European classical music. This music became famous in the mainland United States around 1890 to 1920. This music mempuyai faster tempo or rhythm syncopation with dominance, but some are a bit slow paced.

Usually music is played specifically with piano-style chopped pork, and the pianist and creators such as Scott Joplin (1868-1917), James Scott (1885-1938), and Joseph Lamb (1887-1959).
After World War I ended (1918), the new music was born on the American continent called the Popular Music. Music is primarily a dance floor music at that time became very popular and loved by people all over the world.
Latin American music born since 1857Any works creator at the time with latin influences are, among others, George Bizets Hababera of the opera Carmen (1875), Scott Joplin's Mexican Serenade, Solace (1902); Maurice Ravels Rapsodie Espagnole (1907) and Bolero (1928).Pop music latin dance latin began known, ie since 1920 as well. Tango Dance balroom be one of the famous dance in 1920 in America and Europe, where the song Tango bertangga minor and melancholic tone, as well as an aggressive step dance. After that tahuj 1930 and 1940 developed into one of popular music in the world, with figures such as Xavier Cugat, Perez Prado, etc.. Rhythm that developed at the time was Rhumba, Samba, Conga, Salsa, Mambo, etc..
And there are many schools of Pop or often referred to as Popular Music

  •     Heavy Metal
  •     Hip-Hop
  •     R & B
  •     Teen Pop
  •     Ballad
  •     Emo
  •     Dance
  •     Disco
  •     Disco Emo
  •     Pop
  •     Soul
  •     Rock
  •     Reggae
  •     Electronic Music
  •     New Age
  •     Dark Metal
  •     Death Metal
  •     Grind Metal
  •     Progressive Rock
  •     Progressive Pop
  •     Progressive Metal
  •     Alternative Rock
  •     Alternative Pop
  •     Alternative Metal
  •     Slow Rock

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